Child Safety In The Home

Studies estimate there are over 4 million childhood injury emergency room visits that occur in the home each year. 1.5 million emergency room visits a year were due to falls involving the arms, legs, feet, and hands were the most common type of injury. Boys are more likely than girls to visit the emergency room and children under the ages of 5 were more likely to be injured than children over 9. More than 500,000 children have moderate to severe injuries while more than 73,000 are hospitalized. Many accidental injuries that occur at home involving children, can be prevented by taking precautionary measures. Any home with stairs should practice child safety and install strong gates at the top and the bottom of the stairs before baby starts crawling. This includes child proofing decks, balconies, and railings with mesh or netting. To prevent or minimize injury from falling and hitting sharp edges of furniture and fireplaces install edge and corner bumpers.

Everywhere you look in the home, there is the potential for injury to your child. Though open windows may have screens, they may not be strong enough to prevent the toddler from falling out of it. Don’t depend on screens to prevent children from falling out – screens are meant to keep insects out, not toddlers in. Window guards or netting can be installed to keep children safe from injury to due to falls.

Comfort and safety are always uppermost in a parents mind. Making baby comfortable can ensure a healthy and happy child. We love to swaddle our babies in soft comfortable fabrics. And what better material for baby to snuggle in than lambs wool or fleece. No doubt the incredible feel of lambs wool will bring baby many moments of pure pleasure in comfort.
Children are insatiably curious by nature. But this curiosity and exploration of their environment can create a minefield of safety hazards.

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  • Baby Safety

    Your child should be protected from anything that can be pulled over or topple onto him. By securing furniture with safety brackets or guards will protect your child from injury.

    Keeping fingers injury free is a full time job for a parent. One way to minimize injury to little fingers while protecting valuable equipment is to install appliance guards to DVD/VCR players, TVs, stereos and computers.

    Children can get into anything and everything and an improperly closed refrigerator door is no exception. To ensure child safety install a child safety latch to your refrigerator or freezer.

    Little fingers are perfect plugs for electrical outlets and can be fatal. A hundred children die each year from electrocution. Electrical outlets are eye level and are very tempting to explore with wet fingers or metal objects. Always cover electrical outlets and conceal electrical cords. Your child's life may depend on it.

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